Supporting girls and boys to fulfil their potential, without gendered expectations, in a safe and supportive environment.

Our Mission

We believe that schools should be an environment without sexism – where pupils are:

  • taught a gender balanced curriculum
  • free from gender-limiting stereotypes and expectations
  • free from sexual harassment and violence

Many schools are institutions in which sexist norms and stereotypes are perpetuated and reinforced. The majority of girls experience some form of sexual harassment and violence during their school life. The lack of a gender balanced curriculum means that school leavers are frequently unaware of the historic, structural inequalities and discrimination that affect all women.

That’s why we are working towards our goal to End Sexism in Schools by 2025, to break this cycle for future generations – both women and men.

Our History

The End Sexism in Schools campaign began when our founder’s experiences with her son’s school brought home the real need for change — both in the curriculum and in school culture.

After garnering initial support from members of the Women’s Equality Party, after it was brought to the 2020 WEP Conference, the campaign began to find its feet independently, involving anyone who shares our vision for change. The decision to work independently from any specific political affiliation was made because the issue of sexism in schools is not a party political one. It impacts people from all walks of life and across the political spectrum. Anyone is welcome — in fact, invited — to get involved with our work. Wherever our broader political views might differ, our shared desire to see children and young people educated in safe and supportive environments, without gendered expectations, unites us.

The campaign is young but ambitious, small but growing, and we hope you will join us on this journey.