“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Debbie Brazil

Debbie is the founder and chief executive of End Sexism in Schools and is responsible for shaping the strategic direction of the campaign. She also presents our initiatives and insights to the media and other relevant external audiences.

She was motivated to start ESIS after discovering the everyday sexism inherent in the primary and secondary schools attended by her two sons. Debbie’s BSc in Computing and Operational Research has given her a deep understanding of statistics and the important role that accurate and timely data plays in challenging systemic bias. Debbie also has an MA in Women’s Studies from Bradford University. Her day job involves leading improvement and transformation for an NHS hospital and she has many years’ experience of enhancing the delivery of hospital services for NHS England.

Rachel Fenn

Rachel leads our English curriculum campaign. She is an English and Drama teacher with a wealth of experience teaching in UK state and independent schools. Alongside her teaching expertise, Rachel is an author, teacher trainer specialising in curriculum design and a playwright.

A committed feminist, she is tired of seeing PHSE lessons promoted as the only answer to endemic sexism. Wanting to be part of tackling the disease rather than the symptoms, Rachel joined the End Sexism in Schools campaign in 2020 and led our ground-breaking research into Sexism in the English Literature curriculum. She would like to see a radical rethinking of the school curriculum to give women’s voices and experiences equal prominence and as part of this process has designed and developed a range of tools to support the teaching of a less biased curriculum.

Katrina Handford

As stakeholder manager, Katrina looks after our many wonderful Patrons and Author Supporters. Through her work as Head Teacher of Kent College Pembury and previous roles of Deputy Head and Acting Head at Nottingham Girls’ High School she has seen the many benefits of a learning environment that nurtures confidence in girls. Katrina believes in an education system that gives both girls and boys the opportunity to become resilient and compassionate leaders of the future, ready to take up their place in the world on an equal footing.

Her role in ESIS gives her the opportunity to bring the knowledge and expertise she has gained through her work to a wider platform.

Claire Gibson

Claire Gibson

Claire is in charge of our communications and media relations and as an expert in the field understands that effective messaging is a fundamental part of successful campaigning. As a feminist she is very interested in how we can eliminate male violence against women and feels that education is an important way to tackle this. She believes that embedding women’s perspectives and voices in every aspect of the school curriculum will help tackle sexism and misogynistic attitudes.

Claire studied English Literature at Swansea University and then Journalism at Cardiff School of Journalism. She began her career working on magazines and newspapers in Chester, Stoke-on-Trent and South Wales and is now the Media Officer at a large health charity.  

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