“One child, one teacher, one pen
and one book can change the world.”

Malala Yousafzai

Our campaign began in research and in raising awareness, so that we would have the information and groundswell of support needed to affect change. As we continue our work and build our community, we also want to provide practical tools that will help schools and educators to change our education system for the better – creating culture and curriculum free of gender bias and gendered expectations. This library of resources is a work in progress and we will continue adding to it over time. If you would like to get involved in developing resources, such as book lists, CPDs or schemes of work – or if you already have resources you’d be willing to share – please email us at endsexisminschools@gmail.com.

CPD – Gender Equalising your English Curriculum

Want to help balance the books in your school? Our CPD is aimed at teachers and senior leaders and covers our research findings, implications and practical steps for improving gender balance in the KS3 English curriculum. Designed to be either delivered in a single 1hr session or broken down over several shorter sessions to allow time for reflection, this CPD includes video voice over & guidance from English teacher and author of our research paper, Rachel Fenn. View and download from Google Drive now.