Vote to end sexism in schools - image of "Votes for Women" posters in a window.

Vote to End Sexism in Schools

With the date of the General Election looming, we are all being canvassed for our vote. This is our opportunity to vote to end sexism in schools.

To ensure that ending sexism becomes a priority for all political parties and their candidates, we are asking for your help.

If you get the opportunity to engage with a candidate, or their representative, could you please ask them to commit to tackling school sexism by demanding:

You might want to print out this list and keep it by the front door! Thanks for your support as always.

Email your candidates

If you want to email the candidates in your constituency, you can find contact details on the website.

And you could send them the following email:

Dear Candidate,

You are asking for my vote in the General Election. I would like to ask you to commit to tackling school sexism by ensuring the following:

  • Equal time given to women’s voices, experiences and achievements in the school curriculum.
  • Equal access to school resources for girls and boys.
  • School uniform policies that prioritise safety and comfort rather than sexualising and policing children’s bodies.

Thank you.

Sarah Reavley
Sarah Reavley
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