Where is HERstory?

Well folks, we’ve been busy bees here on the End Sexism In Schools team, drawing together all the findings from our crowdresearch into a comprehensive report, which we very much hope will demonstrate the extent of the gender bias problem in the English curriculum – and prompt action to tackle it.

In the meantime, we’re gearing up to start the next phase of our campaign, exploring the history curriculum. Because we want to know: where is HERstory? If our children and young people are only being taught history from a male perspective, or are learning about significant historical events without being able to see women’s presence in them, then they are not learning a full history. If students cannot see women represented in our past – cannot see their achievements and contributions, or the way they were prevented from being able to achieve their full potential – that will influence their understanding and belief of women in our society today.

If you are interested in being part of this next phase of our campaign – whether by volunteering a little bit of time to reach out to schools or by becoming a member of the history subgroup driving our campaign strategy – get in touch today!

Jen Eden
Jen Eden
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